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MTM Electrical Corp. (1979 Present) Licensed by the state of Texas to design, install, erect, repair, or alter electrical conductors to be used for lighting, heat, power, control, or signaling. 


Mark T. McCracken is the founder of, and the Texas Master Electrician for MTM. Born in Houston in 1946, Mark became an apprentice electrician in 1962 working for Bill T McCracken Electric Co. and became a journeyman electrician in 1966. From 1968 to 1970, Mark served our country as a US Navy Seabee in Vietnam. During his service, he was a Petty Officer stationed in Da Nang and was in charge of sizing, deploying, installing, and repairing all diesel powered generators in I corp. In 1973, Mark became a Houston Master Electrician and worked as the master for Bill T. McCracken Electrical Company until 1979.